Who Are We?

(Pronounced "si·stuh·mize")

Welcome to Systmyz!

I'm David Oziel, CEO, and founder and developer of the Perpetual Sales System, The Ultimate Differentiator and The SELL SMART System.

At Systmyz, we provide innovative business solutions, spanning marketing, branding, and succession planning.

Our expertise lies in content marketing, sales scripting, email marketing, and video promotion.

Our solution involves restructuring your business with a focused end-game strategy.

Through my experience, I've noticed a common challenge faced by U.S. and Canadian companies - the absence of a clear strategic vision. This lack often leads to missed profit opportunities and buyer engagement.

Differentiation through Specialization marks the initial phase of transformation. Our "Ultimate Differentiator" framework aids in market standout. As a DigitalMarketer Certified Partner, I guide your team in crafting this differentiator using potent frameworks. 

Additionally, as a GrowthWorks Certified Marketing Consultant, I assist in leveraging GrowthWorks software to devise a robust content marketing strategy, ensuring distinction in competitive markets.

These strategies form part of the Perpetual Sales System, aiming to cultivate a brand voice resonant with your company ethos. By employing content and digital marketing, we amplify your narrative and reach.

Finally, with a forward-looking approach, we implement our comprehensive SELL SMART system to streamline your business operations and facilitate seamless ownership transition during succession planning. Whether transitioning to family, friends, or the open market, we position your business to attract 7-9 figure exit offers with favorable terms.

Our goal is to nurture a sustainable business model with transparent profits. The SELL SMART system serves as a roadmap from specialization to full transferability, ensuring long-term viability. 

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Freeport, PA

Phone number

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